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Tenant improvements and tenant improvement allowances are provided in many leases. How these items are provided depends on the building, the landlord, the market, and the tenant. 

Full disclosure is an integral piece of any real estate transaction. While residential real estate transactions are highly regulated, commercial real estate plays by different rules. Let’s talk about the significant differences between the two.

Most headlines today concerning the office market say tenants are giving up space, causing vacancy rates to increase―especially in many downtown areas. The tenants in those buildings are enjoying extra attention from their landlords and experiencing improved leasing flexibility. Some tenants are going very short-term on their leases, even month to month, so they have maximum flexibility. However, tenants who get lulled into a sense of complacency may be in for a rude awakening and an unexpected change of address.  Let's talk about losing your office space to another tenant.   

A lease evaluation is essential before you decide if you are/are not renewing your current lease, but you most likely don't have the time (or interest) to review it yourself. In that case, you should consider retaining an exclusive tenant advisor to guide you through your space needs, costs, and available options in the market. At a minimum, you should start with these top five considerations:

ITRA Global member Carrie Holstead provided outstanding service to her client, Everest Infrastructure Partners. They needed to double the size of their Pittsburgh headquarters and also wanted to upgrade their corporate image. Find out how Carrie was able to help them expand by over 600% in the last four years.   

How do you thank someone who brings an organization outstanding vision, dedication, and leadership?

This year our annual conference was held in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Many tenants conduct their own lease renewal negotiations directly with the landlord’s leasing agents when their lease is nearing expiration. Having a dedicated tenant advisor on your side can give you the negotiating leverage needed to get the best renewal deal. Read this article to find out why.  

We all know staff turnover is part of running a company or a large department— it comes with the territory. But we also know employees stay at a company for reasons other than money. Continued training, advancement opportunities, the mission of the firm, coworker relationships, and the vibe/culture of your company are all part of their decision matrix. So, what are the magic ingredients that help retain your employees?